Our vacuum packaging pouches are made of the finest virgin materials in a thickness suitable for handling, shipping and storing with only minimal care. Vacuum Packaging allows for money saving quantity buying. Products such as cheese, continental small goods, fish, bacon, coffee and nuts, processed meats and many other food items may be bought in bulk at a lower price and then pre-packaged by either a central warehouse or in each supermarket or restaurant outlet.


Width x Length x Micron

110mm x 185mm x 70Mic
150mm x 200mm x 70Mic
150mm x 250mm x 70Mic
150mm x 300mm x 70Mic
200mm x 250mm x 70Mic
200mm x 300mm x 70Mic
200mm x 350mm x 70Mic
200mm x 450mm x 70Mic
250mm x 300mm x 70Mic
250mm x 350mm x 70Mic
250mm x 400mm x 70Mic
250mm x 450mm x 70Mic
250mm x 500mm x 70Mic
300mm x 400mm x 70Mic
300mm x 450mm x 70Mic
300mm x 550mm x 70Mic
350mm x 400mm x 70Mic
390mm x 580mm x 70Mic