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Clear Bags

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750mm x 1000mm x 20mic, 430mm x 650mm x 50mic, 450mm x 600mm x 30mic, 450mm x 600mm x 50mic, 460mm x 610mm x 100mic, 480mm x 480mm x 100mic, 500mm x 750mm x 75mic, 500mm x 750mm x 190mic, 510mm x 860mm x 50mic, 510mm x 1000mm x 100mic, 600mm x 900mm x 100mic, 180mm x 250mm x 100mic, 200mm x 300mm x 50mic, 250mm x 400mm x 50mic, 250mm x 400mm x 70mic, 300mm x 450mm x 50 mic, 300mm x 450mm x 100mic, 120mm x 220mm x 70mic, 130mm x 190mm x 100mic, 150mm x 250mm x 50mic


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