Make Your Spring Shine Brighter With Our Selection Of Plant Trays

Selection Of Plant Trays

Spring is here! This means it is the perfect time to start planting some of your seedlings and watch them fledge into beautiful plants. Damax has a wide variety of Plant Trays, which will make your life so much easier, and the reward, that much better.

As it heats up, the seedlings we plant eventually grow into Plug Plants. Plug Plants are seedlings that have been grown in Plant Trays with individual cells, which have been filled with soil and fertilizer. Once these Plug Plants have developed a good root system they will be ready to be planted into your garden or in pots in your home. Our Plant Trays can support all sorts of seedlings, ranging from small flowers, to herbs, bedding plants and even vegetables.

Growing your Pug Plants in Plant Trays and transplanting them have many advantages and benefits:

  • Plug Plants have a better root system in general
  • Plug Plants produce more vegetables and flowers
  • A variety of seedlings and cuttings can be used to grow Plug Plants
  • Plug Plants can fill areas of your garden
  • Plug Plants save you time
  • Plug Plants require less weeding
  • Plug Plants are sustainable in their trays

Growing Plug Plants From Seedling In The Damax Plant Trays

Our full range of products have been developed around the Horticultural industry, however we have seen a crossover into the Vegetable, Herb and Tree industries.

All trays are thermo-formed and are manufactured in HIPS (High impact Polystyrene). All items are formed to a specific micron/thickness.

Germination Trays:

Start Growing!

These trays are the starting point for any seedling grower, that they are the propagation trays used for sewing seed to create plugs (seedlings), which in turn will be planted out or grown-on.

Generally the smaller cavities are best for sewing seeds, and the bigger cavities for cutting and grafting.

The most popular and versatile trays are the 128 and 288. These can be used to sew almost anything from cut flowers, bedding plants, to vegetables and herbs.

Factors that could play a part in determining which tray to use would be the cost of the tray versus the amount of cavities, what production seedlings are required by the grower, how aggressive the root growth is, and is the tray to be sold out or re-used.

The 24 and 45 cavity are very versatile and can be used for sewing seed or cuttings, whereas on the other side, the 406 is used for mass production in sewing seed only.

Special Trays:

These trays have been developed for specific needs:

  • Eco tray – Large cavity good for cutting and sewing seed with aggressive root structure.
  • Open tray – Good for sewing herbs.
  • Crate liner – Good for Protea propagation.
  • 28 x 7cm uncut – Good for cuttings like bonsai trees.
  • 128 large – General bedding plant sewing tray.
  • 128 deep – Tree and shrub sewing tray.
  • The 18 and 20 cavity – Good for cuttings.
  • 40 cavity – Strawberry propagation.
  • 32 vine – grape vine propagation.
  • Carry tray – versatile tray for the production of filling 6 packs. Can also be used to grow grasses.

A Variety Of Trays For You!

Value Packs

These are used as a bulk retail item where a gardener or landscaper needs more plants at a better value. The cavity size is very similar to the standard 6, 8 and 9 pack range.

Seedling Trays:

These are the commercial or retail trays that the growers use to package their products to the garden centers in.

The most popular is the 6 pack, which all bedding plant growers use, the 8 pack is also popular, but mostly for vegetables, whereby herbs are popular in the 4 pack deep.

The various colours are mainly for marketing purposes and don’t have an impact on the plant growth.


Polypropylene Vacuum formed pots:

These are what we call a “growing pot” that it will compete with a bag. We have three different sizes:

  • 12cm approx. 0,75 litre, mostly for herbs and succulents.
  • 15cm approx. 1,5 litre, very versatile flower and plant pot.
  • 17cm approx. 2,3 litre, good for small bush/shrubs such as lavender.

We have a wide variety of Plant Trays, Bags and Pots for all your growing needs. Get in touch with us today, or browse through our various products and find exactly what you need for your soon to be blooming garden.