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Insumax Bubble

Insumax bubble is manufactured by a continuous process of low density polyethylene and reflective foil with sealed bubbles on the surface which provide an aesthetic appearance, and which enhance the insulation performance of the product.


Strong, light and flexible. 

Heat stabilized for durability and effective in a temperature range from -20°C to 80°C. Non-toxic, inert and vermin proof.

Aesthetically pleasing finish with good light reflectivity.

Acknowledged by the trade as the easiest thermal insulation on the market to install.

Insumax bubble insulation has been tested and evaluated in terms of SANS 10177 and has been classified as class B/B1/2/H and can be used in any structure with a B1 rating requirement.

Insumax bubble has a thermal resistance of 0.90 m2 KW. The thermal resistance (R-value 0.9 – 1.11) is tested in terms of SANS 1381-4:2013 and include airgaps.

The product is supplied in roll lengths of 40m, widths of 1.25m. Weight 255gsm per m2.