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Pressure and impact resistance offers total product protection at the lowest possible cost to both our clients and the environment.

Almost 7% of all e-commerce items bought online are returned due to damage. Our Inflatable Protectors will not only help to reduce these damages and returns, but they could also significantly reduce your storage and shipping costs because, prior to inflation, they only use a small fraction of the space required compared to traditional alternatives such as polystyrene.

Easily inflated using just a straw or an air compressor, the Inflatable Protector is designed for your convenience to protect fragile products that need better protection. We have different sizes to help you secure wine and other bottles, cartridges, laptops, phones, and much more.

The Inflatable Protector comes in various sizesin either clear anti-static or white.

Internal (w x h) External (w x h)
Size 1 150mm x 200mm 170mm x 210mm
Size 2 200mm x 250mm 220mm x 260m
Size 3 250mm x 300mm 270mm x 310m
Size 4 (Wine/Bottle) 250mm x 500mm 270mm x 590mm
Size 5 (iPad) 300mm x 400mm 320mm x 410mm
Size 6 (Laptop) 450mm x 600mm 470mm x 610mm