A world without plastic, a bleak world

Plastic is not the problem, pollution is.

The problem has never been plastic but plastic pollution caused by human beings which is where awareness needs to increase. The revolution starts with us, in our homes by recycling. This might seem like a small thing but it does make a huge difference. With the habit of recycling, you carry it with you in public resulting to little or no pollution at all in public spaces as it would have now become a ‘norm’ to you. This then allows for awareness and you get to educate others in the process – people usually follow what majority does, so if the majority avoids polluting and rather recycles, we will have a huge following.

The recycling of plastic helps save a lot of energy and natural resources as these are the main ingredients required for making virgin plastic. Saving petroleum, water, and other natural resources help conserve the balance in nature. This clearly is an indication that the production of plastic is not the cause of global warming but rather helps the balance in nature.

We need to think before we ban plastic. Did you know that plastic packaging helps protect and preserve goods, while reducing weight in transportation, which saves fuel and reduces greenhouse gas emissions? From computers and cell phones to televisions and microwaves, durable, lightweight and affordable plastics have helped revolutionize the electronics we rely on every day. Getting rid off plastic means getting rid of the above mentioned – in this modern day living will we survive? And if there are alternatives, will these not harm our world/ environment? Will this not result to people losing their jobs? Our thoughts exactly.

The unemployment rate in South Africa increased to 29 percent in the second quarter of 2019 from 27.6 in the previous period. With banning plastic comes an increase in this percentage as jobs will be lost, families will be starving and an increase in crime will rise due to people’s desperations. Doing away with plastic is bigger than it sounds or we’re led to believe, this will do a lot of damage.

We pay at supermarkets for plastics after our shopping, this is where the government needs to intervene and help. The money that we send should be invested in recycling and educating the public about recycling and the importance of plastic. 

Educate yourself and then educate others. Join the recycling revolution because a world without plastic is a world of accelerated environment degradation. A world without plastic is bleak.