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Flashband is a unique, aluminium self-adhesive sealing strip with hundreds of uses around the house and garden.


Flashband strips bond instantly to most non-porous building materials to provide a permanent, watertight seal. You can also use Flashband Primer to help Flashband bond to porous surfaces.

Each Flashband strip has an aluminium facing, backed with a pressure-sensitive sealing compound. Once applied, it can be left to face all weather conditions without further attention. Flashband gets better as time goes by, which is great for users!

Flashband strips can be used under window sills and eaves; for sealing off roof screws and for galvanized iron overlaps.

Flashband50mm x 2.5m | 75mm x 2.5m | 100mm x 2.5m
 150mm x 2.5m | 50mm x 10m | 75mm x 10m
 100mm x 10m | 150mm x 10m | 225mm x 10m
 300mm x 10m | 450mm x 10m | 600mm x 10m
Flashband Patch/Screw Pak Round20 x 65mm Dia
Flashband Primer500 ml & 1 Litre