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Ecolay Roofing


The new generation Ecolay Undertile membrane. Ecolay is a 86 grams per m, woven polypropylene membrane which has been formulated for use under concrete roof tiles.

It is extremely strong and has proven to be stronger than the equivalent non-woven membrane. This means that the membrane has tremendous tear and puncture
resistance making it ideal for areas where strong winds are prevalent.

The membrane will also not tear easily should tiles accidentally be dropped on it during the tiling stage. Ecolay is laminated with a layer of low density polyethylene to make it waterproof. It is also UV stabilized.

ROLL SIZE 1.44m x 30m

The Ecolay undertile membranes is Agrement certified, certification
number 2019/591. It has been tested in terms of SANS 952-1.