Benefits Of Plastics In Building And Construction

Construction plastics are an important part of the way we build in the modern World we live in. Despite what people perceive about plastics, when it comes to construction, they are actually an eco-friendly material!

Plastic in construction stops rising damp in floors and walls.

An Overview Of Construction Plastics

The use of plastics in building and construction saves energy, reduces costs, enhances quality of life and helps to protect the environment at the same time. Plastics applications also tend to be easy to install and require minimal maintenance. As such very limited additional consumption over energy and resources is needed to ensure their continued functionality.

There are more than 50 different kinds of plastics, and most of them are used in the construction industry.

Within the structure of buildings, plastics contribute vastly and their most common uses are for insulation, wiring, roofing, piping and windows. Plastics also provide us with flooring, awnings, bathroom and kitchen furniture.

Plastics laminated with other mediums effectively insulate buildings.

Plastics offer superb solutions for practicality and they make a big difference by improving the energy efficiency of buildings. This helps with various aspects like climate change and also preserves resources. When you look at the life cycle of plastics, they are one of the most energy efficient materials that can be used when it comes to construction, making plastics very eco-friendly.

Certain plastics can last for up to 50 years and they save on energy and value for money.

Why Use Plastics?

When it comes to construction with plastics, there are a few benefits of why you should use them:

  • Plastics are durable and corrosion free
  • Plastics laminated with other mediums effectively insulate from cold, heat and sound
  • Plastics are light weight
  • Plastics reduce man hours and the need for heavy equipment like cranes
  • Plastics can be recycled
  • Plastics are easy to maintain
  • Plastics are easy to clean
  • Plastics are impenetrable

Overall, plastic components are far more economical to produce, even when custom made form. The ease with which plastics can be moulded means that many components can be combined into one, making them easy to manufacture and install.

Plastics have got a real purpose, and its not the plastics that are at fault when it comes to litter, pollution and putting animals lives at risk, it’s the people who don’t recycle or dispose of plastics that are the real problem. By recycling or re-using you can even potentially lower the cost of new products that are made from recycled plastics in the future. The real value is re-using this valuable resource that we have, which in time will become limited…

Where Are Construction Plastics Used?

Besides our range of masking tape, drop sheets, woven polypropylene bags, joining accessories, netting, barrier tape and Flashband. Our Construction plastics are used for a variety of building methods. Damax are specialists in plastic sheeting for the construction industry, namely for foundations, walls and roofing.

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